2018 Gymkhana Race Schedule

Mar 25 2018 Bending Can Sock in Bucket Turning Flag
Apr 08 2018 Mug Shuffle Carton Rings Tyre Ride and Run
Apr 22 2018 Bottle Hug a Mug Coneball VC Laundry
May 06 2018 Ribbon Target Stepping Stones Scoopy Dribble
May 20 2018 Fishing Tack Box Potato Scramble Litter Spillers
Jun 03 2018 letter sack on pole 2 flag lucky dip and run Peg Scramble
Jun 17 2018 Lancer Quoits Hi Low Turning Run Ride Run
Jul 01 2018 Carton Bending 2 bottle Milkman Ball in Bucket
Jul 15 2018 Moat and Castle Potato Egg and Spoon Stocking Target
Jul 29 2018 Shirt and Knicker Roll on a Pole Can on Baton Association Litter
Aug 12 2018 Flag Can VC Rings Sack Race
Aug 26 2018 Fishing Stepping Stones Lancer letter Spillers
Sep 09 2018 Milkman 2 bottle Quoits Peg Sock in Bucket
Sep 23 2018 Move a mug Turning Tack Box Laundry Lucky dip
Oct 07 2018 Bending Mug Shuffle Coneball Hi Low Tyre

Gymkhana Races

Due to the complexity and variations of gymkhana races, each race will be explained to competitors on the day of the show before they partake in that race.

If anyone has any other queries regarding a race that that they need answering before the date of the show please Contact Sallyann Park